Ma passion est de continuer de developper la technique inertielle pour le positionnement et l'orientation 3D dans tout milieu, terrestre, sous-terrain, sous-marin etc...
My passion is to continue to develop the inertial navigation technique for positioning and orientation in any environment on Earth: underground, on land, inside buildings, on the ocean, subsea...

[I pioneered land inertial survey in 1996, with the first portable INS survey operations and survey traverse compensation methods that included closed loops in order to survey single points. These closed loops are exactly the method used today for Subsea Inertial Metrology in offshore oil and gas fields.

In 2009 I showed the personnel of ZUPT LLC how to do Inertial Metrology, against the stubborn opposition of the president, who later claimed to have invented the method :-)].

If you have a particular need for position or orientation in the most difficult circumstances, contact me here.
Inertial Land Survey in Venezuela in 1998

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